From the very beginning, the name Trussardi has been a byword for excellence, experimentation and innovation. Trussardi is one of the few brands in the world that successfully combines dynamism and classicism in a continuous search for new absolutes and a lifestyle of effortless elegance.

The History

Founded by Dante Trussardi in 1911, the Trussardi brand is steeped in a century of luxury glove-making tradition. Italian excellence, discreet sophistication and refinement of leather working techniques using high-quality raw materials made the company an official purveyor to the British royal family. By the 1970’s Trussardi was diversifying its products to include clothing and luxury accessories; their vision was to create a brand whose style would embrace every aspect of life. Today the company is known as a lifestyle brand with the highest standards of fine craftsmanship that represents the very essence of all-Italian quality.

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