Five Steps To:

Stop Feeling Tired

Tired of feeling tired? Put down that third cup of coffee and instead, pep up your body and mind with these energy boosting buys.

Feeling tired isn’t exactly an anomaly. In an era where technology has given us so much (who can remember when Google didn’t exist?) it’s also made it impossible to switch off. Ever. We’re all guilty of checking our emails late into the night or watching back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead/Girls until the early hours. Not surprisingly then, recent studies have shown that getting enough sleep is one of the UK’s top health goals - it seems we’re just really tired of feeling, well, tired. Sounds familiar? Here’s how to fight fatigue.

Rule #1

Drink more
Water that is. NHS guidelines recommend women drink the equivalent of six to eight glasses a day - and whilst tea, coffee and juices do technically count, water is the best option as it’s sugar free. Investing in a beautiful glass bottle will help in your endeavours - we love the glorious red hue of bkr’s Madly.

Rule #2

Take your Omega 3s
Essential fatty acids in omega 3s supply your body with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which help regulate the chemicals in your brain that are directly involved in sleep regulation. You’ll find omega-3 in fatty fish like salmon, trout, sardines and mackerel or, if you’re not a fish fan, try a supplement like Perricone MD Omega 3.

Rule #3

Eat your energy
If your mid-afternoon snack consists of three chocolate digestives and a sugary cup of tea, it’s more than likely you’ll feel a dip in your energy levels soon after, leaving you feeling even more tired. The healthier option? A handful of nuts sustain energy without the crash - almonds are packed with magnesium which help convert sugar into energy. Bounce Foods Almond Protein Ball Tub 5 x 49g, are Fabled HQ’s current snack of choice.

Rule #4

Move your body
Studies have shown than engaging in as little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise, three days a week, has a positive effect on your energy levels. So whether it’s getting off the bus/tube a stop earlier and walking to work instead, taking a walk in your lunchbreak or simply using the stairs instead of the lift, get 20 minutes of moving into your day.

Rule #5

Get your zzz's
The easiest way to feel less tired? Go to bed earlier. Sleep specialist Dr Michael J. Breus ( recommends working out your bedtime by counting back 7.5 hours from the time you need to wake up (so, if you need to wake up at 6 am, you should be in bed by 10.30 pm). So turn off Netflix and make sure you’re ready to hit the hay at the right time for you. Having trouble nodding off? This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster - and wake more refreshed.

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“Recent studies have shown that getting enough sleep is one of the UK’s top health goals.”