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Marie Claire PRIX Awards 2017

Now in it’s 31st year, Marie Claire’s annual beauty awards are the benchmark for celebrating the very best in the industry. Here, Marie Claire’s Acting Beauty & Style Director, Sophie Qureshi, talks us through some of her stand-out beauty stars.

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Synchro Skin

With it’s airbrush effect and oil-free finish, this makes pores virtually disappear - think Facetune in real life. Pearl extract bounces light off the surface of the skin to keep it lustrous, while argan oil prevents dryness. ‘I can put this on first thing and my skin still looks flawless when I leave the office,’ says Sophie.

Recovery Ampoules

Estée Lauder has revolutionised night repair once again. A single ampoule of its strengthening and anti-inflammatory ingredients restore dry, stressed skin to its former glory. ‘These are ideal for travelling - the ampoules provide exactly what jet-lagged skin needs to get it’s healthy glow back,’ says Sophie.

Damage Remedy

This leave-in treatment is like a liquid plaster for split ends: it envelops strands with nangai oil from the South Pacific, temporarily binding frayed ends, plus, protects against heat damage and porosity too.. ‘The only cure for split ends used to be scissors,’ says Sophie. ‘No more. By using this you avoid new ones forming.’

Gradual Tan

If you’re shy about self-tan, this one lets you start slowly. Simply apply it like a body lotion for 48-hour hydration and limbs that radiate a subtle glow. ‘The formula contains special cosmetic powders that instantly blur imperfections, taking you one step closer to supermodel pins,’ says Sophie. ‘Everyone should own one.’

PowerFoil Mask

You can’t have missed all the Instagram selfies of this silver sheet mask. With 17 worldwide patents pending, it dramatically increases the absorption of the serum, which is rich in moisturising hyaluronic acid and Lauder’s infamous repair ingredient ChronoluxCB. ‘All the judges were wowed by the hydrating results,’ says Sophie.

Wake Up Balm

This day cream delivers on both the hi-tech and comforting fronts. Science buffs will love the moringa extract, which has been found to increase a protein in the skin responsible for firmness and elasticity. ‘Estee Lauder always gets the balance between luxury, glamour and technology just right,’ says Sophie.