Editors Love: Best confidence boosting perfumes that really last

Science says certain scents can boost confidence, reduce anxiety and help you sleep. But can your favourite fragrance really alter your mood?

By Gilly Ferguson

Gilly Ferguson

Google’s search figures suggest we’re all on the hunt for the best perfumes for women, and indeed the best long lasting perfumes - but did you know that your fragrance can also help to dictate your mood too? (In fairness, the clue is in the headline).

Our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that interprets memories and emotions - which is why we’re catapulted back to childhood by the simplest waft of our mother’s go-to hairspray, or struggle not to swoon at the scent of freshly cut grass (FYI summer, we miss you…) But research also suggests that this link to our psyche runs even deeper, with anxiety and stress thought to actually rewire the brain, making typically benign smells malodorous or worse still, even suppress one’s sense of smell. While fragrance is certainly not a cure for mental health issues*, the aromatherapy of scent can help to boost your self-esteem on a very basic level - enabling better concentration, reducing fatigue and even help us exercise harder - which is where the practice of Fragrance Coaching comes in.

The aromatherapy of scent can help to boost your self-esteem, concentration, and help to reduce fatigue.

Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted way to build a scent wardrobe, or simply fancy an excuse to treat yourself to a feel good fragrance to boost your health and wellbeing - then here are Fabled by Marie Claire’s go-to scents:



To help you feel empowered be it that all-important 2020 summit you’re co-chairing – or for some extra Monday morning motivation – opt for top notes of oud, orange blossom, mandarin, lemon or mint, which promotes clear thinking. A study found that subjects who ran in presence of peppermint performed 23% better and felt less fatigued than those without. Refreshing citrus scents are ideal for those feeling overworked or stressed out, while lemon improves concentration and boasts clarifying properties - useful if you’re feeling tense, angry or rundown. Fabled by Marie Claire loves Tom Daxon Laconia and Marc Jacobs Daisy Love when we’re in need of a boost.


Just one spritz is enough to make you feel like a million dollars. Look for top notes of rose (encourages positivity and confidence) or jasmine – which is proven to help the brain regulate feelings of stress and anxiety. A go-to natural remedy to help calm nerves, jasmine is often used for it’s uplifting properties. Bonus, it’s also an aphrodisiac. Fabled by Marie Claire loves Maison Margiela Replica Flower Market and Lancome La Vie Est Belle


If you want to see how intertwined psyche and scent really are, opt for a scent so relaxing, it’s proven to help send you off to sleep. Fragrances with top notes of lavender work to calm you, and double as an aid for sleep and headaches while peony is believed to help ward off bad dreams, and doubles as a romance-booster. Fabled by Marie Claire loves Miller Harris Rose Silence, think of it as a cuddle in a cofre.

*If you’re struggling with mental health issues or are worried about someone you know, help is available - you’re not alone. Talk to someone at the Samaritans on: 116 123 - it’s FREE and won't appear on your phone bill.