With over 150 years of Beauty expertise, Bourjois continue to invent, create and design innovative, feminine products that simplify beauty, whilst providing unique looks that are tasteful and easy to achieve.

The History

The history of Bourjois is a narrative of beauty and the desire to enhance the beauty regime of women, through the decades. Bourjois tells the story of an evolving society, accompanying and enchanting generations of women. For over 150 years now colour and joie de vivre has remained at the heart of a brand that knows and loves women… Bourjois made its first appearance in 1863 in the theatre district located on the Grands Boulevards of Paris. In 1868, Alexandre-Napoléon BOURJOIS, co-manager of the Brand took over and expanded its development, his name appearing on products for the theatre, such as the Rouge Fin or Rouge Rosette Brune. Today Bourjois has a colour palette of more than 360 shades and creates over 100 new and ingenious products every year.

Featured Products